Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10 things to think about when deciding how to strength train!!!

A strength trainer is someone who works closely with athletes so as to help them gain strength and become well-conditioned so that they can perform well in sports. The other responsibilities of a strength trainer involve creating training regiments and monitoring them. A good strength trainer is one who keeps himself abreast with the latest lifting methods and the best strength training techniques. He should also be able to work in a variety of settings.
Before you consider a career in strength raining you must keep in mind certain things.
  1.   Your Aptitude: Do you have what it takes to be a fitness strength training guide? Personal trainers require a lot of other skills apart from their job skills. You should be a patient, nurturing, organized, and analytical. You should also have sound motivational skills and you must be a good listener. In order to be a fitness trainer you do not have to look like a bodybuilder but you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and look fit and fine so as to inspire your clients.
  2.   Select a Certification: There are several recognized certifying organizations which offer certifications in fitness training. You must enroll in one of these reputed organizations and get yourself a certification. This will help you get a head start in your career.
  3. Specialize: Although a specialization is not an absolute necessity but if you are ambitious about your career as a fitness strength trainer you must get a specialization done as that will only open up more opportunities for you.
  4. Work at Clubs: Find out some clubs in your city and enquire if they require any personal trainers. If there is a vacancy you can apply for a job at clubs.
  5. Start on your own: If you have the mind of a businessman/woman along with your fitness training skills you may consider setting up your own business. Once you have set up your business you can build up your client base and market your services in order to get more clients. There are colleges like MAX Fitness College who offer Fitness Business Diplomas especially for this.
  6. Promote yourself: In this day and age nothing can survive without fierce marketing. People fail to take notice of good products and services if they are not marketed properly. So, if you are confident about your strength training capabilities you should promote yourself to let people know about your expertise in this field.
  7. Never stop Learning: Whatever is your profession you should always be open to learning new things and adapt yourself accordingly. In order to be a fitness expert you need to keep learning of new and innovative ways to train people. Attend workshops and acquire certifications to hone your skills.
  8. Make Yourself Indispensable: The key to being a successful fitness trainer is to offer great fitness tips personally to your clients. Customizing your services as per your client’s requirements will help you become your client’s favorite. To be at the top of your business, make yourself indispensable.
  9. Consider Other Options: Personal fitness trainers have several avenues of work open for them. You may work at spas and resorts or even at the fitness centers of corporate organizations. You may also consider offering online training.
  10. Look beyond personal training: After you have established yourself as an expert fitness trainer you may consider offering consultations or maybe writing fitness articles or even training professional athletes

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