Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Train Less and Grow More? What???

Through my own research, personal experience, and in working with a wide variety of athletes, I frequently talk about different training splits. With other athletes, I have found we have a similar philosophy….whether they are long distance runners, professional mountain bikers, or my favorite bodybuilding/physique athletes. I find the most successful athletes focus on training splits and the appropriate amount of rest between workouts.

For example, the following is the training split I use most often during the off-season. This training schedule helps me add size, works best for me, and I trust it will be helpful for you as well.
Day 1. Chest, Biceps and Abs
Day 2. Legs
Day 3. Rest
Day 4. Shoulders, Triceps and Abs
Day 5. Calves and low intensity cardio
Day 6. Back and Abs
Day 7. Low intensity cardio
I have found that this split gives me the ability to continually add mass while avoiding injuries. Remember the key components to building muscle are “Eat. Sleep. And Train.” This little saying is very true! You build and repair muscle tissue while you are sleeping. In order to get the best rate of growth, the muscle needs this time.
If you find yourself hitting a plateau, it’s usually a combination of two things:
1) Not eating enough of the right food
2) Training too much!
Too often in the sport, I see athletes training with the wrong mindset and not seeing the results from the effort they put into their workouts. Remember “Less IS More” and that you are growing when you are at rest, so if you are not getting proper rest, chances are you are not growing to your full potential.
Good luck with your training and be well!