Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Secret to Giant Calves

I get asked a lot what the secret is to my calves.calves I always tell people that everything starts with genetics. If you don’t have the best genetics for calves then you may have to get creative or just work a little harder. I don’t have the best genetics, but I don’t have the worst either. There is no right or wrong way to work calves. I have clients that work them once a week and they grow and then I have clients that need to work them twice a week. The key to giant calves is hard work and finding the right combination to spur them to grow. Here is one workout I have had great success with in building my calves.

Now this workout may seem easy, but give it a try and if you hit it with 110% intensity you will think differently. No one workout or exercise will guarantee giant calves, but try this for 8 weeks of your bulking phase and see what happens.
Use the donkey calve raise machine or do standing calve raises with the smith machine. Start with a warm up set of 20 reps. Then find a weight that you fail with at about 20 reps. Stop and rest for no more than 7 seconds and continue till failure again. Repeat this until 70 reps. Make sure you use full range of motion. This is a one set workout, a giant super set for giant calves.
Warm up: 20 reps bodyweight
-20 reps till failure, rest no more than 7 seconds
-As many reps till failure, rest no more than 7 seconds, repeat till 70 reps total
-1 set of 70 reps total